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Recently I attended the first ever Girlboss Rally in Los Angeles. I freakin LOVE things like this. Put together a bunch of stylish go-getter women and bring in some super rad speakers to inspire and motivate? I am THERE. I have attended empowering and motivational conferences before (Tony Robbins I love you) but this one was special and super artistic and I thought Art Fare readers might be into it.

Girlboss rally los angeles

First off, the attendees of this thing were for sure like no other conference. So. Much. Style. My amazing art director friend Stephanie attended with me and we were like, “Are these our people? I sure hope so because we want these to be our people!” The absolute coolest clothes, jewelry, hair. I so love that pink or blue hair is like no big deal. Incredibly successful people have gorgeous stylish hair of all colors. Can I pull this off? Please comment below and let me know. I am 40. If that matters.

pink hair

Girlboss rally los angeles

Secondly, look at how cool the space is! I have never ever seen a conference that took style and decor to this level. Painted walls, neon signs, killer furniture. They painted the plants for crying out loud. Will all that pink paint kill the plants? I hope not. It certainly looks rad.

pink plants

There were multiple rooms for speakers, social spaces, a rooftop for getting some air, all with amazing decor, badass female djs spinning tunes, and motivational quotes. Once again, I LOVE a motivational quote.

Girlboss rally los angeles Girlboss rally los angeles

The speakers really delivered. My favorites were Gabby Bernstein and Arian Simone. Arian was so freaking dynamic. She delivered a talk with so much energy and happiness! I just want to be around her all the time. And learn how to speak in public like that. Gabby was so calm and totally my kind of girl. She is all about spiritual energy and trusting that the Universe has your back. This is so up my alley. I bought her book titled the Universe Has Your Back and have been loving every page. I think it is so worthwhile to put ourselves in the presence of women who are doing great things, they inspire and share their paths. I always come away with a notebook full of ideas and next steps for my own career. With the confidence that if these women can do it, so can I.

girlboss arian girboss gabby
Sophia Amoroso

Sophia herself was super engaging. She was hustling hard that day. Interviewing most of the speakers and bouncing from room to room. It was a long day but she never lost any enthusiasm or energy. She seemed genuinely PUMPED about the rally and about what we were all sharing and experiencing. I find this happiness in one’s work so beyond inspiring. I have always taken so much pride, satisfaction, validation, and joy from my work. I love seeing other people who seem to feel the same way.

Girlboss rally los angeles Girlboss rally los angeles

Back to the space itself. Look at the elevator! Plush pink carpet? I mean, they really went for it in every single aspect. I admire that enthusiasm and attention to aesthetic.

Jolie Goodson

I’m pretty sure I need this desk.

This profile was a slight departure for Art Fare. What did you guys think? If you are interested in posts like this please comment to let me know. And if you are intrigued with Girlboss I highly recommend the Podcast. It is one of my very favorites. Want to transform your commute into something you love instead of something you dread? Listen to podcasts. It’s changed my life! Now I never care how long I’m in the car. I devour books, podcasts, events, etc and am always down to start a conversation about them! So let me know if you are into that sort of thing – and I’d love to hear your recommendations too!

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