A home full of art! Profile of Kimberly Sly Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 with Kimberly Sly of Albie Designs. I’m sure after seeing her rad kitchen remodel you are curious to see the rest of the house! Kim’s home is filled with art made by either herself or her father- a hobbyist photographer. Truly there is so much art in this home, and it’s all by one of them! I love how personal that is. She’s taken all the work out of it by just hanging up their personal art. Every room we walked into I’d ask, “This too?!” Yep. Every time.

kimberly sly albie designsI am really struck by all the different styles Kim’s paintings take. In her home I saw beautiful acrylics, watercolors, charcoal, and screen prints! All different styles, sizes, on various materials. It’s inspiring to see someone not limit themselves in any way. Personally, as a photographer sometimes I think, oh I’ve got my style and that is what people expect to see from me, but seeing Kim’s art really got me remembering that those limits are self imposed and BS. Right?!

kimberly sly albie designs

kimberly sly albie designs

Loving the bookcases! Full of so much more than books. I love how she’s got objects of all kinds on display. Bookcases can become an art wall so easily! With travel mementos, photos, and all sorts of objects that mean something personally.

kimberly sly albie designs

Kim is the type of person who will redo old furniture. Like this cool dresser in the dining room. She refinished it, new knobs, the works, and uses it to hold dishes. I love it! I really like how her style is a mix of many different styles. From the vintage dresser to the modern lucite chairs and everything in between. It goes back to what we talked about last week, about living with the things you love, rather than following trends.

kimberly sly albie designs
kimberly sly albie designs

Remember when I said Kim’s rug game was strong? I was really into the rugs all over her home. She got most of them on a site called E Carpet Gallery. I checked them out and found some really cool stuff in the Transitional category.


Thank you so much Kim for sharing your home and your art with Art Fare! You can find Kim’s killer cityscapes here on Etsy, and her personal blog here. Be sure to share this with all the home lovers in your life! 

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