The Bold and the Bluetiful. Collab with Scarlet & Alex

Recently I got together with 2 of the most bold and badass babes I know, Scarlet Chamberlin and Alexandra Franzen. Scarlet is a killer fashion stylist, and Alex is a sought-after writing guru. We got to talking about how across our industries, going big pays off. Alex put it perfectly when she said:

During the photoshoot, Jolie, Scarlet, and I started talking about the idea of being “too much.” Too colorful. Too bold. Too confident. Too sexual. Too opinionated. Too successful. Too happy. Too… whatever.

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The mistakes everyone makes taking pictures with the phone!

Do you ever get frustrated because the photos you take on your phone just do not look that rad and you can not figure out how everyone else is doing it? Well, recently I was asked to speak to a group at adidas here in Portland about this very subject – How to take better pictures on our phones! So do not feel bad! Even top of the game creatives are struggling with this!

They asked some really great questions and we played around with my tips and I thought you guys might want to hear what we talked about, yes?

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Style like a #girlboss

Recently I attended the first ever Girlboss Rally in Los Angeles. I freakin LOVE things like this. Put together a bunch of stylish go-getter women and bring in some super rad speakers to inspire and motivate? I am THERE. I have attended empowering and motivational conferences before (Tony Robbins I love you) but this one was special and super artistic and I thought Art Fare readers might be into it.

Girlboss rally los angeles

First off, the attendees of this thing were for sure like no other conference. So. Much. Style. My amazing art director friend Stephanie attended with me and we were like, “Are these our people? I sure hope so because we want these to be our people!” The absolute coolest clothes, jewelry, hair. I so love that pink or blue hair is like no big deal. Incredibly successful people have gorgeous stylish hair of all colors. Can I pull this off? Please comment below and let me know. I am 40. If that matters.

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LA Story. Photographer Taryn Kent shows off LA’s art.

Hey hey. I thought it might be fun to explore one of my favorite cities with a girl who knows it well. Taryn Kent is a photographer who splits her time between San Diego and LA, capturing really rad images for fashion brands. I see her work everywhere from billboards in Brooklyn to every cool blog on the web. She works for super stylish labels like Gunn & Swain, Wyeth Eyewear, and Cleobella. I wanted her to show me around LA pointing out places she likes and things that inspire her. I also wanted to hear more of her story, because like most people, her path to her current dynomite career was not a straight one!

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A home full of art! Profile of Kimberly Sly Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 with Kimberly Sly of Albie Designs. I’m sure after seeing her rad kitchen remodel you are curious to see the rest of the house! Kim’s home is filled with art made by either herself or her father- a hobbyist photographer. Truly there is so much art in this home, and it’s all by one of them! I love how personal that is. She’s taken all the work out of it by just hanging up their personal art. Every room we walked into I’d ask, “This too?!” Yep. Every time.

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